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Chiropractic care is all about putting the body in a state of ease and removing any interference to allow it to function at its most optimal level. Over time we put our bodies through compromising situations such as falls, bad posture, sleeping in the wrong position, and looking down at our phones for extended periods of time. All of these things (and more!) can cause aches and pains and sometimes long lasting damage. At Davis Chiropractic, we take all of these situations into consideration when providing you with care. We want you to live your best life, pain free!

We treat the following

Neck Pain

Back Pain




Nerve Issues

Shoulder/Extremity Pain

Muscle Spasms

And More!

Who Can Get Adjusted

Anyone can (and should!) get adjusted. We welcome all patients into our clinic and work to help everyone live pain free. We treat children, teens, adults, athletes, and anyone else who is seeking to better their life through chiropractic care. 

We also provide maintenance and preventative care so that you keep your body healthy & aligned and to prevent long standing damage to your spine. This means that you don't have to be in pain to be adjusted. Wellness care is a great way to stay ahead of sickness and maintain your health.

new patient paperwork

Please download our new patient paperwork and bring them completed to your first appointment. If you are unable to do so you can fill them out when you arrive at your scheduled appointment time.

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